Louise Arrol, K.C. has one of the busiest High Court practices, defending the most serious and complex cases being prosecuted there. Since calling to the Bar in 2005, she has consistently been one of the most instructed counsel at the Criminal Bar.

She was appointed to the rank and dignity of King’s Counsel in 2022, an appointment reflecting her extensive experience leading in significant cases, particularly in complex sexual offences. Prior to taking silk, she had been lead counsel in a variety of cases, including cases of significant violence, sexual offences, human people trafficking, serious and organised crime, fraud, firearms offences and drugs.

Louise is particularly experienced in the area of sexual crime, having cross examined numerous vulnerable witnesses, particularly children and expert medical, psychological and psychiatric evidence.  Along with her extensive knowledge and understanding of DNA, she has defended the most complex cases in this area.

However, she has consistently maintained instruction in all other types of offences including,  drugs, firearms, robbery, human people trafficking, culpable homicide, murder, proceeds of crime, serious and organised crime, domestic abuse and shaken baby. Presently, she has a particular interest in the novel area of admissibility pertaining to encrypted mobile telecoms evidence.

In addition, Louise is regularly instructed in relation to regulatory crime, including many death by dangerous cases.

Louise is committed to every single case she undertakes.


Drugs Trials:

HMA v Anthony O’Hare and others (large scale prosecution of drugs including covert surveillance, expert opinion, legal arguments about lawfulness of search)
HMA v Peter Gordon and others (biggest ever drugs prosecution in Scotland)
HMA v Colin Wilson  (surveillance)

Sexual offences:

HMA v David Montgomery (former accused in Coulter murder trial, complicated S. 275 application)
HMA v John Mabey (foster carer acquitted of sexual abuse of foster children)


HMA v Ross Monaghan (Gerbil murder, legal objection to FDR)
HMA  v Colin Coats (death of financial advisor Lynda Spence)
HMA v Mohammed Siddique (accused hired hitman to murder his brother, complicated cell site analysis)