I have a mixed practice of civil and criminal work and appear regularly in both the Court of Session and High Court of Justiciary. Perhaps one of an increasingly rare breed to have appeared in both civil and criminal jury trials.

On the civil side I have extensive experience of:

  • reparation, be it personal injury (such as RTA, workplace accidents, death cases to fibromyalgia) or medical negligence (faulty breast reconstruction; extravasation injury from chemotherapy; spinal surgery);
  • property (such as rights to light and “prospect”; boundary and access disputes);
  • trusts and executry work (interpretation of wills and partnership succession).

I have also done the occasion family dispute and given a wide range of advice on matters as diverse as choosing the sex of an embryo through to identity theft.

On the criminal side, I have appeared as leading junior over a number of years, both prosecuting as an advocate depute but now almost exclusively defending. Particular areas of expertise are in sexual offences; waste management, proceeds of crime. I also have a long history of interest in Contempt of Court both of journalists and participants and their treatment by the court: (e.g. Rattray Petitioner – Full Bench decision but extempore judgement of the Appeal Court; also Scottish Daily Record & another v PF(Edin) 2009 JC 175).

Occasional forays into Tribunal work have been to defend Care Home employees at risk of being struck off; and acting for both sides in various Employment Tribunals.