High Court

In the Scottish justice system, the most serious and complex crimes are prosecuted in the High Court of Justiciary. The High Court regularly sits in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen and from time to time in other major population centres.

Persons charged with crimes such a murder, attempted murder, robbery, sexual offences, serious drug offences and complicated frauds are likely to face trial before a Judge and Jury in the High Court.

Those who are convicted of serious crimes may face significant penalties up to, and including, life imprisonment.

Whatever the outcome, a High Court trial will be a life changing experience for every accused person and their family.

As a citizen who has been charged with a serious crime and is facing a trial in the High Court, you are entitled to receive and ought to secure the very best available legal talent to prepare your defence and represent you in court. You also need to know that that person will understand the position you are in and that you will need support through the challenges which lie ahead.

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