Called to the Bar in 1999, Sarah had 14 years previous experience in private practise and as a prosecutor. She is now one of the most experienced and able senior juniors practising criminal law in Scotland. Sarah has conducted numerous and varied criminal trials as sole counsel. She is consistently instructed, and has significant experience, in cases involving sexual offences. In the course of her career she has worked with a number of eminent Senior Counsel in a wide range of important criminal trials and appeals.

Sarah has conducted Children’s Referrals including long running and complex cases involving international medical experts. Her experience in Fatal Accident Inquiries extends to deaths in custody, accidents at work and medical negligence.


Historic sex abuse by 85 year old grandfather of five family members spanning four decades, acquitted.

HMA v Graham
Section 1 RTA. Twenty year old charged with S.1 involving speeding and driving with defective brakes – acquitted on s1 following submissions, acquitted of alternative s3 by the Jury.

HMA v Lucas
co-accused of Nat Fraser, acquitted. One of the most high profile murder trials in Scottish legal history

HMA v Martin
NHS fraud by optician. Thousands of pages of productions, 7 week trial. Evidence from staff involved in the fraud. Acquitted.

Reporter v D (Children’s Referral)
Complex and long running referral involving alleged physical abuse. Child suffered subdural and retinal haemorrhages, broken ribs and was left permanently disabled. Grounds of referral not established.