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Optimum Advocates are delighted to announce that four members of our stable have been appointed to the rank and dignity of King’s Counsel this year; Louise Arrol, Lorraine Glancy, John McElroy and Paul Nelson.

Louise, Lorraine, John and Paul were among the 16 new silks that were appointed this year.

Louise currently has an extremely busy criminal law practice and is extremely well versed in the preparation of cases with complex evidence such as cell site analysis, firearms discharge residue, surveillance, use of trackers and DNA.  Louise has also built up an extensive practice defending sexual crimes. It is without doubt that she is one of the most instructed counsel in this area, having defended numerous rape trials. She regularly prepares and argues applications under section 275 of the Criminal Procedure (Scotland) and has already conducted examination of many witnesses giving evidence on commission. In particular, she has specialism dealing with complicated psychiatric, psychological and medical evidence in sexual abuse cases. She has particular specialism dealing with accused persons who have psychological and psychiatric conditions.

Lorraine is currently a full time Advocate Depute.  Prior to joining Crown Office earlier this year, Lorraine was instructed in a wide variety of criminal trials, including attempted murder, fraud, computer crime, indecent images and misuse of drugs but with a particular emphasis on cases involving allegations of sexual misconduct, rape and allegations of historical sexual abuse.

John is also currently a full time Advocate Depute.  Prior to joining Crown Office in October 2021, John had substantial experience in all aspects of the practice of criminal law from first interview with accused persons to running cases in the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council.  He practised as a Solicitor Advocate from 2000 until he called at the Bar in June 2013.

Paul also has an extremely busy criminal practice.  Paul has been instructed, as leading or sole counsel, to defend a wide range of the more serious crimes known to the law of Scotland, these include murder, attempted murder, rape, fraud, serious and organised crime offences, etc.  Paul has a wide knowledge of and interest in forensic medicine and science in general and, in particular, the use of DNA evidence, and the limitations of such evidence.  That knowledge has been applied for the benefit of those for whom he has been instructed in a number of cases that have turned on the successful cross-examination of forensic scientists and doctors.

Practice Manager, Angela Bath said “We are delighted for Louise, Lorraine, John and Paul on their appointment as King’s Counsel.  They have all worked extremely hard to achieve this elevation and it is very well deserved.  We wish them all the best in the next chapter of their legal careers as Senior Counsel.”