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Trouble at Bank – The Sequel

By 19th November 2015July 13th, 2018No Comments

For the last few years a group of leading Advocates have organised Conferences at various locations in Scotland on topical areas of Banking Law.  They proceed under the banner of “Trouble at Bank“.  Invariably a complete sellout, these events have greatly contributed to the National dialog on Banking woes.

The latest, Trouble at Bank – the Sequel, breaks new ground by focusing on the increasingly concerning legal problems currently unfolding in the retail banking sector.  Many observers now consider these may have an even greater impact than the 2008 Banking Crisis itself.

What is special about this event is that Jeremy Rose who chairs Bully-Banks, an organisation whose 2,000 members claim to have been mis-sold financial products is coming to Edinburgh to join in discussions with well known members of the legal profession about the extent of the problem.  Also, new lending sources such as Peer-to-Peer Lending which may ultimately come to dominate Corporate Finance in the UK are described and discussed by Asset Match, one of the best known operators in the sector.  Asset Match operate a transparent facility which enables regulated interaction to take place between buyers and sellers of unlisted securities at reasonable cost.

This conference covers key areas of immediate concern to the commercial world in Scotland.  The well known legal figures taking part are Iain G Mitchell QC, Michael Howlin QC and Richard Aird Advocate, all who have had a long involvement in this area.  The topics include:

  • Interest rate miss selling
  • Banks misrepresenting their lending intentions
  • New angles to defending actions brought by Banks
  • Defences to Personal Guarantees

Trouble at Bank – The Sequel is being held on Thursday 19th November 2015 from 2.00pm at the Faculty of Advocates Conference centre, The Mackenzie Building, 172 High Street, Edinburgh.  Admission is Free and CPD accredited.  The past events have booked out quickly.  For further details contact Angela Bath at or 0141 553 4892.